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How is different from other corporate Twitter tools?

Twitter Lists on Steroids

Twitter Lists are the most underrated feature of Twitter. finally gives you tools to make the most of it. Copy lists from power-users or clean up and merge your old lists.

User Profiling

So you have 50,000 followers? What if you want to contact your followers who are iPhone-addicted lawyers? Sounds like a chore? With you can do this quickly and efficiently!

Your Contact Hub

Wouldn't it be great if you could add in-depth details about your followers? brings this feature to Twitter. Convert Twitter into the most useful phonebook you've ever had.

Smart Scheduling

Bulk-upload tweets without the hassle of setting the time. Also use the Bookmarklet to schedule or post ad-hoc tweets or to send yourself reminders about articles worth reading.

SEO Goodies

Wondering if you can use Twitter as part of a scaleable SEO effort? You can. Also gather people and urls from external sources and use the data in or your favourite 3rd party SEO tool.

Smart Whitelist/Blacklist

Never follow people whom you've already had to unfollow previously. Automatically drop users from Twitter lists when adding them to the blacklist. Bulk-import your blacklists from other tools.

Bring Back the Bulk

The days of bulk-following and bulk-unfollowing are long gone however there are still plenty of bulk actions that Twitter permits. makes the most of them!

Discover Influencers

Establish an audience. Find people who will want to read your tweets and build relationships with them. Also read your List timelines with all clutter removed.

Get Introduced

Kevin said that nobody was further than 6 degrees of separation away from anybody. Do you like how you can get introduced to important people on Linkedin? Now you can on Twitter too.



Quora Unfollower

BONUS FEATURE: Do you want to build authority on Quora but you're following more people than are following you back? Our unique bonus feature will get your Quora account look professional!




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Who is for?

  • Individual

    If you have between 1,000 and 150,000 followers and a couple of lists and you feel like you're not getting the interaction you deserve on Twitter.

  • SEO Agency

    Are you using Twitter for drumming up business or to listen in on conversations? You will love our advanced List and Contactbook features. And our bulk link extractor tool!

  • PR Agency

    How important is it for you to keep fresh lists of Journalists and Bloggers? Do you feel like you've got too many dead lists? Let us help you sort out the mess and reintroduce you to the people who matter for your business.

  • Professionals

    Are you a small business or a professional looking to build your brand and make the right connections on Twitter? We have the tools to help you.

  • Be Part

Our Story

Who is behind



Arvid Linde

Proprietor is a one-man band. It started out back in 2011 as a set of tools that I developed for my own use to facilitate my SEO work. I soon realised that has helped me rediscover Twitter and start using it as a serious business tool. I decided to collate what I've learned and to package it in a simple yet efficient interface so that other people can benefit from this too.

I'm a journalist, author, SEO expert and code developer based in Bournemouth, Great Britain. We can chat on Twitter or WmW, or please scroll down for contact details.

Special Thanks:

Jatin Chadha - additional PHP and Ajax coding.

Ricardo Pereira - oAuth library.

Chris Mingay - additional CSS and JavaScript.


$32.99 per month*

*Paid yearly


Please note that currently is limited to 150,000 followers. You can still use it even if you have more followers, however, you will be able to operate with your most recent 150,000 followers. We are working to remove this limitation.


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